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Dallas Smythe talked about mass media and advertising and how it is well interpolated into the lives of the consumers. The main argument of Smythe is that the audience is unaware that every aspect of their life is under the lens of an 'industry' where ratings monopolists, mass media monopolists and advertisers battle each other to reap more benefits than the other.

I am a Marketing student. I dream to work on an advertising agency. I love creating advertisements whether on print, television, or in radio. I've studied everything a bout advertising management from putting the logo of a company on the right position on the billboard to capture the attention of the audience up to how to make the audience of potential audience believe that they need a particular product even if they really don't. Thus, Smythe's article has struck me the most when I read it. He was right in many aspects. He didn't miss a detail to prove how the lives of the consumers are being closely monitored to make the work of advertisers easier for the benefit of capitalists who are paying these advertising agencies.

Therefore, this page will bring you to the world of advertising supporting Smythe's article on the audience as being sold as a commodity using the point of view of a Marketing student like me.


1.) What is advertising for the advertisers?

For the educational purposes, marketing is defined as the relationship between consumers and companies. By relationship this means nurturing and putting a face in a product. Advertising refers to delivering the MESSAGE. However, this is what Smythe refers as one of the subjective mental entities divorced from the reality that is really happening.

When you are and advertiser, what marketing really means is for the companies to know their consumers very well in order for the consumers to trust (in Marketing terms, trust = for consumers to give us their money). Therefore, advertising is actually a particular brand's expression in order to create an impression to its target consumers.

Advertising is all about finding the connection between the natural yearning of a target market and how to make it fit through mass media.

Below is a collage I've made about how advertising is present in the whole purchase process:


Where is the role of advertising fit in this whole process? According to Smythe, the "work" of the audience taking place in the head of the audience members. Looking at the chart above, advertising is indeed present in every step of the whole purchase process.

First, during need recognition, the role of advertising is to make the audience aware of their dormant need. For example, hunger. Second, with information research, the audience is given the different choices that are available to address his need. Third, in evaluation and comparison, advertisements help one decide to make an educated decision on which one to choose (e.g. choice of restaurant to buy food). Fourth, in outlet selection, 'directory advertising' helps the audience or directs the audience where to avail the product (e.g. a billboard ad showing all the outlets of Jollibee's in Quezon City). Fifth, during actual purchase, the audience is still heavily bombarded with advertisements to convince him o buy. Thus, POP (point of purchase) advertising such as gondolas, small TV showing the ads, floor stickers can be seen frequently. Packaging is also actually a last effort to advertise! Lastly, during the post-purchase evaluation, this is where loyalty is formed to get the audience to repurchase. Thus, advertisements inside a restaurant, for example, reaffirms that the audience has made the right decision.

Looking at it closely, advertising works wonder in the minds of their target market. Thus, this is where advertisers and capitalists generate revenue from. Brand positioning, for example, is defined as the part that a particular brand occupies in the head of their target consumers/audience. The mind can be also identified as CONSCIOUSNESS as what Smythe calls it. And, the most significant effect of advertising through mass media is INFLUENCE - influence on the mind of the audience by penetrating every aspect of the life of their target market.

2.) Creating the "Love Mark", do you have one?

3.) Leisure time? Do they really have one?

4.) Driver of Advertising

5.) The winner

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