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Announcements and matters relevant to all my students this semester, regardless of which course you are registered.
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an apology!
by: eldritch00eldritch00
03 Apr 2009 00:38
The instructions are up. Ask me questions here or in threads on your respective course forums. I wish you all the best.
by: eldritch00eldritch00
16 Mar 2009 05:44
2 by eldritch00eldritch00
16 Mar 2009 23:09 Jump!
An important general announcement regarding the online requirements for all my classes.
by: eldritch00eldritch00
12 Feb 2009 23:16
4 by eldritch00eldritch00
03 Mar 2009 05:30 Jump!
The instructions are up. Ask me questions on this thread. I wish you all the best and an advanced congratulations on your graduation. (Think optimistic!)
by: eldritch00eldritch00
18 Feb 2009 14:58
Would you unfriend ten people from your Facebook account for a free Burger King Whopper? One of several questions.
by: eldritch00eldritch00
31 Jan 2009 01:32
Christmas greetings with relevant URLs (to read for fun).
by: eldritch00eldritch00
24 Dec 2008 03:45
2 by annamanalastasannamanalastas
26 Dec 2008 13:51 Jump!
by: eldritch00eldritch00
21 Nov 2008 02:51
Aside from your respective course sites, please check the main teaching page, too.
by: eldritch00eldritch00
12 Nov 2008 14:22
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