Graduating in March 2009?

Since COM12G is a non-blocked section open to students from other Departments, this page is reserved for announcements and matters relevant only to seniors graduating in March 2009. The seniors who are graduating some other time (e.g., in October or in 2010) need not watch this (cyber)space.

Among other things, expect a revised schedule of deadlines applicable only to March graduates soon.

Only the seniors graduating in March 2009 will have their last day on 20 February 2009; everyone else will attend class all the way until 20 March 2009.

I will be asking for some kind of certification that you are graduating in March 2009 when that date is near. Without it, I will have no idea if you are really graduating, which will result in my not computing your final grade until April.

The Midterm Essay deadline indicated on the syllabus (26 January 2009) applies to all students.

The Final Essay deadline for seniors graduating in March 2009 will be 27 February 2009.

IMPORTANT: The instructions for the final requirement for March graduates may be downloaded as a PDF here.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to my "plan" of providing a bonus question for those who were able to finish reading the novel. I have realized that instead of doing that, I should just let things be. After all, this requirement is actually going to be easier to do the more you have read of the novel. Best of luck and an advanced congratulations on your graduation!

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