Chapter 9: Trans


“Trans”-pet project of Bigend and a marketing agency

This chapter essentially talks about the concern of advertising and marketing a particular product which in my opinion, a significant portion of the novel where it could be applied in our fast-paced and contemporary society. I would like to share a picture of how the power of advertising has affected our modern world.


Basically, this advertisement somewhat lies that if you drink red bull, one will have wings! WHAT AN IDIOT IDEA! People are deceived by these kinds of propaganda of selling and endorsing their product.

In order to make profit is that people should be creative and innovative with their means of marketing and advertising their products. However, we encounter such advertisements which make us wonder if their pledges and information of their product is reliable and not about bunch of lies and crap.

The picture show a binocular advertisement and i really don't know what's the message that the product wanted to convey to the people

A specific example of this kind of advertising is the breast enlargement commercials which in my opinion are not real. Some of the data showed in their advertisements are questionable in terms of the effects of their product and the people who supported and said that the product really works because they do not have sufficient facts and figures like recommendations from well-informed doctors in our society which could be considered true and legitimate.

Here's a video of some of their unreliable advertisements.

and a picture of this product
Couldn't you believe that breasts can enlarge by just chewing a gum? is that reliable enough for the audience? I believe that their scheme is to endorse a product that would out stand from their competitors yet in my opinion, sometimes, this does not work.

as what Magda said in the novel..

"You say you like it too! You lie! At first I thought it was only men who'd do that, but women do it as well! They lie!"

The bottom line is, advertisers lie not for the sake of lying but for the sake of income.

However, in the market today, some ads try to make a name for themselves rather epitomize an epic fail endorsement like this example.

This video is also an example of a horrible advertisement because of the fact the beaver gave an advice to a human? Sounds silly or sounds disgracing? Another is that I could not connect the message conveyed by the ad to the endorsement of the product so the creativity failed.

Lastly, i believe that being effective in advertising is that honesty is still a vital factor in conveying the message in order for the audience to rely on your product and not think that they will fall into a trap again.

This is a great example of a good advertisement which has struck me because of the fact that it has portrayed our reality. The reality of a pluralistic society that Nike has portrayed not only to sell their product but the ad has mirrored our contemporary reality.


Chapter 9 Annotation
The chapter starts off with Cayce waking up and immediately thinks of breakfast. She takes a shower and dresses and goes for some breakfast. Before leaving he once again does the “bond-thing” with the hair. Security brought about he recent turn of events in her life obviously has left her paranoid when it comes to security.
After doing the bond thing she goes to the French restaurants she had gone to once with Damien. There is something in her description of the place that seems to be a very evident truth of the current world of the information society.
“…faux−French with real French waiting tables.”
There seem to be a lot of this type of phenomenon whether it is a restaurant, particular foods, or anything seen around. The phenomenon of copying one culture which results to something that seems to have lost something in its translation to the other culture. What then results is a whole new thing far from the original. Some examples of restaurants that seem to go in line with this is Rai-rai-ken or in Cyma. These cuisines are supposed to be a taste of culture of each of their respective countries. In some way the food is geared towards reproducing the culture here in the Philippines but the way it is duplicated seem to have adapted a certain context, a context that makes them far from their source. For example the way these restaurants have certain ways of greeting or chants that are part of the presentation. In Rai-rai-ken they usually greet in Japanese, but something about the service people being Filipino makes the whole experience kind of weird. The same goes for Cyma. They have this “Opah” chant whenever they serve this cheese dish. In food there is the obvious example of Philippine spaghetti vis-à-vis the authentic Italian sauce.
Inside the restaurant she sees Voytek sitting with Billy Prion. Cayce has a fascination of celebrities like Prion who are there for a moment and gone the next. After a few moments her meal arrives.

“…coffee does arrive, and is excellent, as do her eggs and sausage, very good as well…”

When other cultures are translated into one’s own culture, different does not always mean not good. Sometimes a copy, like Cayce’s meal turns out great or sometimes even better. One example of this is in the copying or adaptation of certain international shows. Take Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) for example. Big Brother is a show that has been adapted by many countries around the world but here in the Philippines it was reinvented in a way that some how caught other people’s eye. The values and the uniqueness that makes Filipinos different while incorporated to this show was able to show the world a better way to do this show.

When Cayce was finished with her meal, Prion is long gone. Voytek then approaches her and starts to talk about his current project regarding ZX-81’s and how he needs funding to make it happen.

This situation makes you think of what art is really in the real world. Voytek’s project is his form of art, and all that stops the world from getting a glimpse of this personal expression is the lack of funding. One thing about art is that it always needs the money for the world to behold. Makes you then think of what determines the art that are made available for us. So much is filtered out and never be discovered just because of money. This means that music, movies and every art form that we actually view is not in terms of any so called quality but the possibility of monetary support.

After they talk a little bit about Voytek’s recent project, Cayce then asks about watermarking that is found in the footage that has been going around. She extracts info of watermark’s purpose as a somewhat trademark of a company. This then means that the maker of the video can be traced. After this Voytek talks about needing to meet Magda her sister who is also in advertising.

"Look sorted, go to clubs and wine bars and chat people up. While I'm at it, I mention a client's product, of course favorably. I try to attract attention while I'm doing it, but attention of a favorable sort. I haven't been doing it long, and I don't think I like it."

"No! I mean you're in a bar, having a drink, and someone beside you starts a conversation. Someone you
might fancy the look of. All very pleasant, and then you're chatting along, and she, or he, we have men as
well, mentions this great new streetwear label, or this brilliant little film they've just seen. Nothing like a pitch, you understand, just a brief favorable mention. And do you know what you do? This is what I can't
bloody stand about it: Do you know what you do?"

"You say you like it too! You lie! At first I thought it was only men who'd do that, but women do it as well! They lie!"

There is something very effective in this kind of marketing as Cayce says. It skips a step in a way in trying to convince a customer to sell a product. Even though this seems to be a step further this behavior of product promotion seem to be where the promotions in the real world are going towards. It is a remarkable thing what commercials do nowadays. They try to sell values and try to relate them with their product for it to be much a part of the consumer’s lives. Sometimes it goes to much into our lives that it seems that it is able to garner a somewhat trust and some mistrust on these promotions. In someway the values theme that commercials have created a somewhat trusted image by the masses on certain products there also knowing that advertising uses this techniques creates some mistrust. For example seeing a commercial on suppose a detergent or dish washing liquid. The claims made their make us sometime question their validity.

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