Chapter 8

Benj Carabuena
COM 12

In this chapter, Cayce sits down and checks on her computer if she has new emails. There are two new emails which came from Damien, and Parkaboy. She opens Damien’s email and he was just checking on Cayce if how she is and he just described the place where he is in to. In his email, Damien tells Cayce that they are digging and found bone remains and artifacts. While digging, Damien told Cayce that one on the boys who are digging found a bottle vodka which they are tempted to drink, but he decided not to drink it because it may serve as a booby trap.

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And Damien kept sharing his stories to Cayce until finally he ends his email by telling Cayce that in spite the unpleasant events happening in that place, Damien is having a good time.

In this chapter, it was said that Cayce is bothered by whoever are the people or rather what certain company is at the back of this footage she is interested in. Now she opens Parkaboy’s email and he tell Cayce that he is in Japan with Darryl, AKA Musashi. Parkaboy is very fascinated in Japanese footages, and he has Musashi to be his translator. During their journey on searching, they found out that footage #78 has been watermarked. watermark.php?info=watermark_image_colour.jpg The attached link shows an example of a watermark. A watermark is actually logo of a specific company that appears to be in picture, videos, papers, etc. This watermark signifies ownership of whoever is the maker of something. In the present world, we usually see this on videos, papers, and the like of a company watermarked their logo on the said materials. It is only their company who should be producing these papers to indicate that it came from their own company, and the contents of the paper came from this specific company

Parkaboy then tells in his email that Darryl and him has created a Japanese persona in order for them to get information from Taki, who said to know the information that they want. They named her Keiko. Keiko as described by Parkaboy is someone that has a pleasing personality, cute, and very pretty. This reminds me of how Japanese school girls are portrayed by the youth today: HOT. They are said to be hot because of their smooth white flawless skin from head to toe, cute voice (may sometimes sound kinky), and on top of that, the way they dress. Here are some pictures of a typical Japanese girl looks like. Knowing these characteristics, Taki begins to be interested with Keiko and wants to meet up with her. The problem is, Keiko dos not exist. japanese-mini-skirt-school-girls.html

Emmet Siapno
COM 12-A

In this chapter, Cayce sits down and decides to read her e-mails. she discovers that she has received two, one from Damien and the other from Parkaboy. She decides to read Damien's first. in Damien's e-mail, he just asks how Cayce is doing. he also tells stories about the site that he is in now. He tells her about the people he is with, and at the same time he tells Cayce a story about these people when they get drunk. Parkaboy, on the other hand, tells Cayce about this footage, footage #78. she tells how this is watermarked [[]] and that there is one person who could help them regarding this fact.

watermark by defiintion is simply putting another image in the background of another image. in a sense, it is hidden beneath the exterior picture that all of us focus our attention to. an example of this would be the bills that we use for spending. [[]

i believe that the watermark has a deeper message in the chapter, watermarking may also serve as a message hidden within a message. the footage might have something else within itself that Parkaboy and Cayce are trying to figure out. there maybe an image found underneath the surface of the video. in the chapter, we can see in the end that Cayce is kind of disturbed and kept thinking about something. this maybe the effect of something that we have not seen or read in the context of description.[[]]

an otaku is someone who is into, or addicted somewhat, to anime and other japanese novelties. [[ ]] this is described as a kind of geek or nerd in the sense that they strive to make their lives revolve around the Japanese culture. Taki was introduced to us in this chapter, and he is somewhat an example of an otaku. he is fixated on the idea of japaneses school girls.

in order to trick Taki to decipher the meaning of the video. Parkaboy and Musashi create a fictional school girl named Keiko. she is the typical japanese schoolgirl tha Taki is obssessed with. they send pictures of a random schoolgirl to Taki saying that she will promise him pleasure and satisfaction. this, for me, is a kind of fetish. there are alsways those things that people look for in a certain someone. for example, i have a fetish on cleanliness when it comes to women. in this situation, Taki has a fetish on the female youth of Japan wearing mini-skirts, high socks and a blazer top with tie. [[]]

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