Chapter 42

Nina Abellada

This chapter is entitled "His Missingness" because it finally explains Win Pollard's disappearance. Cayce, prior to this chapter, had a lot of suppositions on his disappearance. Because of the evidence presented to her about her father's last day, Cayce finally accepts that Win is really gone.

Earlier in the chapter, Cayce and Bigend observe how the prisoners are in the Dream Academy. They notice that the prisoners don't look like prisoners at all.

Aside from looking as though they all shop at The Gap and nowhere else, the inmates of Volkov's rendering farm don't seem to be required to wear a uniform.

Here's an ad of The Gap which gives us an idea of how the inmates at Volkov's Dream Academy look like:

As Cayce reads the documents given to her by Wiktor, she imagines what happened to her dad on September 11. In the end, the evidence given to her doesn't prove that Win is really dead. There is still uncertainty because it stated that Win never reached his destination, 90 West.

There was still no evidence, the unknown and awkwardly translated writer concluded that Win was dead, but there was abundant evidence placing him on or near the scene. Additional inquiries indicated that he had never arrived at 90 West. The petal falling from the dried rose.

The petal falling from the dried rose shows us that Cayce finally accepts that her dad is really gone. This same image occurred when the towers fell on September 11. Cayce looks back at that day. Though hard to believe, the WTC fell that day, and everyone had to accept it. Now, she is faced with the same feeling. There is great difficulty for Cayce to acknowledge that her father is gone. But she does in order to put a closure to it.

Here is a tribute to 9/11 and to all of those who lost their lives and loved ones:

Cayce also receives a gift, a token of appreciation, aside from her father's documents. It is a Louis Vuitton slim-line attache. Parkaboy tells Cayce to open it to see what's inside. She finds a large amount of money, and thinks that what Volkov and his apparat are giving her is ridiculous. Parkaboy reminds Cayce that for theRussians, money is a big thing. And that it is probably normal for them to give large amounts of money as gifts.

"It's Russia." He grins at her. "Who gives a shit? We found the maker."

This article shows us how the rich Russians spend their money

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