Chapter 27

Annotation for Chapter 27: The Shape of The Enthusiast
Michelle Liwag
Com 12 G

This chapter shows us the escalation of Cayce’s paranoia due to the events that have transpired in the previous chapters. For one, she found out that someone had broken into her therapist’s office and stole or copied the notes regarding the sessions she and Cayce have had. This means some stranger which she does not trust has had access to all her deepest secrets. Another factor that contributed to her paranoia is the fact that Dorotea had admitted that the person who attacked Cayce and Boone in Tokyo was working for her and she did send someone to break into Damien’s apartment and install a keystroke recorder on the computer. Aside from these, Dorotea exposed her to one of her worst fears, had the phone in Damien's apartment bugged, and made someone follow her around.
Cayce’s situation in this chapter can somewhat be likened to a spy movie. In fact, Gibson mentions in this chapter that Cayce no longer feels the need to do the “Bond thing,” probably because she felt it hopeless defending herself against the people who have been after her for quite some time.
Ian Fleming is the well-known creator of the character James Bond, a character to which many people have been drawn to. In this chapter, Gibson also mentions something about a Man From U.N.C.L.E., which is an American television series Ian Fleming helped create in the 1960’s. Cayce “imagines more shadowy figures, in another room, a sort of Man From U.N.C.L.E. room, seated, staring at a huge screen on which there is nothing but this page of F:F:F, waiting for Cayce to open a post.” This series is about a two-man trouble shooting team for a fictional secret international law-enforcement agency named United Network Command for Law and Enforcement, hence the name U.N.C.L.E. Based on this description, we can see why the reference to this series is appropriate.
To see a clip of the series, click here.
Gibson’s reference to James Bond and Man From U.N.C.L.E. gives the readers a pretty clear description of what is going in Cayce’s mind and in her life since it can be linked to something almost all of us can relate to in the reality of our world.

Tonino Gonzaga
Com12 A


Throughout the novel, Cayce has been given much reason to be paranoid. Though in the start, it seemed that she was tired of doing the Bond thing, in this chapter, she was given reasons continuously to feel unsafe. An example was when Mama Anarchia really freaked her out when she told Ivy that Cayce was in Japan. Though she tried to reason that it was a Freudian slip, the evidence was too strong. As mentioned previously, someone was watching her every keystroke, and because of this, she became more aware of every keystroke she made. Our need of technology has also given birth for our need of privacy in technology based societies. In Cayce's case (no pun intended), her doing the "Bond thing" was due to the fact that her online community is so important to her.


I have also experienced this invasion of privacy online with the Buddy Spy. I am a Yahoo messenger user and one of my favorite features is that it has is the invisible mode, wherein you can not be seen but you can see those who are online (or chose to be seen). I use this when I just want to talk to certain people. This feature makes me feel empowered. One time, a person who I always avoid messaged me while I was invisible. I thought it was a fluke and she was just testing me. Then she repeatedly messaged me telling me not to hide anymore from her. This is when I learned about the Buddy Spy…


…the end of my euphoria in my own Yahoo messenger world. This force me to be extremely rude to the people who I didn't like to chat with. Though I didn't like doing that, they asked for it.

On that note, most people who find joy in these communities also put a lot into themselves into it. This is why they sometimes feel like their privacy is invaded when people online try to uncover information about them. Though this is unavoidable in that community, what Cayce, and others who depend too much don't realize is that her dependence in this community is what gives her these problems. We are becoming more and more dependent on the convenience of our online communities, and for that matter, technology, which is why breaking free from these problems online is getting harder and harder everyday. Though technology is man-made, it seems that technology is gradually controlling us and taking over our world.

Okay, maybe we won't be taken over by technology like that… but, in a sense we are still being taken over.

Another issue in this chapter I found interesting is the e-mail of Parkaboy. He focused on the fact that Judy is taking her Keiko character by heart. This springs from the state of awe she is in as she sees Taki's love for Keiko. Parkaboy, being the tactless yet witty character that he is, explains that she has "virtually moved in with Taki", which is nothing short of appropriate since she hasn't gone to work for this. I can relate to Taki regarding this because I was fixated at the appeal of a japanese schoolgirl. This sprung from a watching anime's such as Slam Dunk, Ghost Fighter and some Hentai movies which I think, would be better off unmentioned. For that time, the girls I liked had chinky eyes. For some reason the anime culture shaped my taste in girls. I can say that because now I like round eyed, meztizas, maybe because of my US based tv series addictions (but that's aside the point). This then leads me to the conclusion that Taki is in fact a pervert. I would say this because, the perverted japanese men are all obviously obsessed with Japanese schoolgirls since their anime's and porn all involve provocatively sexy japanese school girls. This fetishism on Japanese school girls and Taki's illusion that Keiko (her picture) is just what he is looking for that propels him to show his love, which in turn brings to life a childhood dream of Judy's too. The idea of the love of Taki brings to life Judy's longing for someone who would love her. In a weird way, they each met their ideal lovers because of pity and lust.

6.jpg-what Taki looks like in my mind.schoolgirl.jpg -> what Keiko looks like in my mind.

It is amusing how Cayce is trying to figure out how Mama Anarchia knows that she is in Tokyo. She tries to make out how she found out. At this, she is also puzzled at how, in Mama Anarchia's email to Ivy, she makes it look like she is Cayce's friend (virtual friend at least). She remembers how she and Parkaboy are clearly friends and how Parkaboy assaults (virtually :D) Mama Anarchia and everything she posts on the site. This brings me back to the days of the Mirc chat rooms……


If I remember correctly, this was a fad from 2000-2004. All my friends were using it, so I did too. It was a program which allowed people to create chatrooms. People can join if they know that name, and if the admin for that room allow them to. Here, a lot of people get into chatroom fights. Personally, that was what kept me hooked (well aside from meeting girls…I was 12 when i started using it). I was amused at the fights and found them hilarious which is why I had a lot of those too. The mocking the Parkaboy did to Mama Anarchia was what I was exposed to everyday when I went to the chatrooms (which shows my immaturity at the time…well if mirc still had those fights, I'd love to watch..I guess maturity doesn't come with age. :D). I'd get kicked out of chatrooms for a week. Then, when a friend of mine earns a position of power in that chatroom, he/she invites me back just to be kicked out again for either profanity or mocking the admins. That was FUN, plain FUN. Though Parkaboy's mocking might be more serious in nature, I still see the similarities between him and me in that sense.

Another issue that I stumbled upon in this chapter is Paranoia vs. logical excuses

One instance that this was shown was when Cayce was reasoning out Mama Anarchia's knowing she was in Tokyo by thinking that Mama Anarchia had a Freudian slip.

Another instance was when Margot reasoned out that the toilet Cayce had in her apartment was older than the Boer War, which started in the 1880's. She came in Cayce apartment finding the old toilet running when she had already fixed it and left it quiet.

Though this may be a small idea, this is important in contemporary reality because it helps us cope with a lot of anomalies that are happening in the world. For one, reasoning out helps us think of the world as a better place and gives us hope. Why do I say this? Imagine all the people giving in to their natural inclination to question, trust would not exist. A scenario would be: two friends, one loans money payable after one week. The one who was loaned the money left and went out of town. If the friend who loaned would not reason out, then automatically he would accuse his friend of trying to escape paying his loan. This and many other bigger things would be so different without us coping with our paranoia. (Well an exception would be politics in the Philippines, where all our paranoia about corruption and dirt are true…..mostly :D)

p.s. I think it is different from Apophenia vs. Coincidence (from other chapters like "The Dig") though they have their similarities.

The last idea that I was able to pluck out of this book was about Cayce's dream. She called out to the man who's movement was familiar from segment 135, the one she had been searching answers for. Here she was helpless; she couldn't talk, move well, or do anything to communicate with that man. With this said, I think dreams are very much like our lives. Since our dreams are made in our head we can control them. I have had an experience of knowing my dream was a dream. IT WAS FUN. I DID EVERYTHING, until I woke up.. Sometimes life is also like this, with the right attitude and confidence, you can get a lot done. My opinion on Cayce's situation is that in her head she is helpless, which manifests through her dreams and the description of her helplessness in it. Though I can not say this is what Gibson is trying to show, I can say that this has happened because of the privacy invading events that had transpired moments before she slept.
317187055_6b56f57a93.jpg——>I want _TO BE A UNICORN. I CAN DO IT._

Personally, I like this chapter because of the many ideas it has and the numerous connections it has to my life and the kind of generation I live in.

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