Chapter 24

Annotation for Chapter 24 - Cyprus
Prepared by Kathleen Lim (074151) Section A

Cyprus – a tax shelter domain for Russians.
In this chapter, Cayce finds out from Bernard Stonestreet that Bigend hired Dorotea to work for Blue Ant and this pisses her off.
Bigend hired Dorotea as a client liaison for graphics. Dorotea will serve as a link to assist communication between the clients and the designers and this is unusual because normally, Bigend would let the designers work directly with the clients. Blue Ant always wants to keep things small so it seems that this job was intentionally created for Dorotea.

When Cayce enters the room to meet with Bigend, Boone, and Dorotea, she’s furious. This is a side of Cayce we’ve never seen before because she usually just keeps her feelings to herself. Yet this time, she couldn’t contain herself out of rage, and even told Bigend to “Shut up”. Cayce couldn’t understand how after everything Dorotea has done to her, Bigend would still hire Dorotea. What’s even more surprising is that Dorotea never denied all the accusations of Cayce:
-She did send Franco to break into Damien’s flat and install a keystroke recorder into Damien’s computer.
• A keystroke recorder allows you to easily investigate everything that happens in a computer. It’s a surveillance tool.
• She sent Franco and Max to install the software into the computer. Here we see their inadequacy when they used Damien’s phone to call Dorotea and used Damien’s computer to look for porn. This was how Cayce found out that someone broke into the apartment.
• The keystroke recorder was installed in Damien’s computer because Cayce uses it to log into the forum. Dorotea wants to know what happens inside the forum.
• The software was returned to the Russian in Cyprus.
-Damien’s phone is also bugged.
-She admitted to having deliberately shown Cayce an image that would make her feel uncomfortable, and she did leave a toy outside Damien’s apartment that was meant to scare Cayce.
-She also had Franco follow her around, and asked him to mug Cayce in Tokyo.

*For more information about the keystroke recorder, visit this website: []

Bigend and Boone are both surprisingly calm about the situation, and are remaining very neutral. It was mentioned in this chapter how Bigend needed a Stetson because “he’s started to play to it”. A Stetson is a brand of hat manufactured by the John B. Stetson Company. The word “Stetson” is often used to describe a cowboy hat, and in this chapter, it was meant to describe how Bigend refuses to conform to a particular party - hence the cowboy hat.

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Dorotea tries to assure Cayce that working for Blue Ant is a "career decision" for her. It was stated in this chapter how Dorotea puts a "particular stress on 'career' that might once have been heard more often on 'religious'". Dorotea says this as if it were a calling for her to work for Blue Ant. Cayce still questions Dorotea's loyalty and calls her a "vicious lying cunt", which is very offensive for a woman. But Bigend insists that he has a strong faith in Dorotea because she is really serious about her career. He is relying on Dorotea's allegiance to her career.

Bigend explains that he hired Dorotea because she can be useful. Dorotea knows a lot about what’s going on and all of it seem to concern Cayce directly.
-Someone from Cyprus, a Russian, called Dorotea and hired her to do services from her previous line of work. Dorotea was an industrial espionage before working for Heinzi and Pfaff. An industrial espionage is a spy that gathers knowledge from organizations. Dorotea’s “mission statement” was to make Cayce feel uncomfortable about being in London, so that she would leave and not take a job in Blue Ant, and to monitor her movements in London. This is a very significant point in the chapter because, here we learn that there are other people interested in finding out who the maker of the footage is. The Russian thought that if Cayce worked closely with Blue Ant, then she’d get a better chance of tracking down maker of the footage. So he hired Dorotea to make that impossible. The Russian wants to get to the information first, and he wants it for himself.

Dorotea was also paid a retainer, which is a fee paid in advance, and was given information - taken from Katherine McNally's office - as to how she can make Cayce feel uncomfortable. Cayce couldn’t believe that her therapist would give out information that was supposed to remain private and confidential, but Dorotea thought that the man from Cyprus could’ve sent someone to break into Katherine McNally’s office and photograph Cayce’s documents.

At the end of the chapter, we find out that Pamela Mainwaring got fired because she betrayed Cayce for Dorotea, while in Japan.

Additional Chapter Annotation: Chapter 24 - Cyprus

Prepared by Gen Gabionza (071440) Com12-G

In this chapter, a turning point is created in the novel’s plot as Cayce, for the first time, confronts Dorotea. Since the start of the novel, Cayce had already clashed with this woman several times; however, it was not until this point that she releases all of her unexpressed anger towards her. In this confrontation, Cayce brings up Franco, Dorotea’s driver who had tried to mug Cayce. Dorotea merely acknowledged this incident by informing Cayce that Franco is “…concussed, has two black eyes, has to breathe through his mouth, and will probably require surgery.” In reference to Chapter 17, Cayce, to defend herself, had smashed her forehead onto Franco’s nose. Now, according to Dorotea, Cayce had broken the cartilage in his nose.

The cartilage is the tough elastic, fibrous connective tissue that is found in the nose, throat, and ear and in other parts of the body.1

Besides this, it is also revealed that Bigend hired Dorotea. In this, bribery becomes evident as Dorotea is given a position in Blue Ant in exchange for her allegiance.

Bribery is one of the most rampant problems in the corporate world. Whether through money or gifts, it is done due to various reasons. In this chapter, the purpose of Bigend’s bribery to Dorotea is to get her on their side, and this seems to be for a 'good cause.' However, looking at the bigger picture, bribery is cannot be justified no matter what its purpose is because it usually results in something unfair or negative. In Dorotea’s case, she obtains the client liaison position not because of her qualifications, but simply because she is a threat to Bigend and Cayce’s group.

As the confrontation continues, Dorotea recounts that a Russian had hired her to prevent Cayce from accepting the job that Bigend has assigned to her and to keep an eye on her activities. The only information that this man reveals about himself is that he is a tax lawyer from Cyprus, a tax shelter domain.

Tax shelter is a way of reducing a person’s taxable income to help lessen the amount of tax that he will pay to the government. There are many legitimate ways of tax sheltering. However, there are also a lot of illegal ones. Click here for more information on tax shelters.

Dorotea then continues to tell that the Russian, paying her in U.S. dollars, had given her the tools that she would need—the documents from Cayce’s therapist and the keystroke recorder (mentioned in the annotation above)—to accomplish the task that they had assigned her to do. Near the end of Dorotea’s revelation, Cayce questions her regarding the “Asian Sluts” website. Apparently, Dorotea has no idea about this, which is revealed in the following:

"Asian?" Dorotea's eyes widen slightly, as if in puzzlement.
"And he called you? To tell you he'd done it?"
"How do you know that?"
"He used Damien's phone."
Dorotea says something, evidently obscene, in Italian, under her breath.

In this exchange, it is evident that Dorotea is now the one caught off guard by something she had not known. The two women switches roles as Cayce becomes the one revealing information.
After the whole confrontation, Bigend and Dorotea head off to meet with designers, leaving Cayce and Boone alone in the room.

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