Chapter 22

CHAPTER 22:TARN-Nina Abellada COM 12-G

Tarn, which comes from the word "Flecktarn", is a camouflage pattern. In this chapter, we find that Cayce does not automatically recognize that the pattern is called Flecktarn. This is unusual because Cayce usually identifies patterns and logos quickly. At first, she assumes that it is called Tarn, and recalls that it is a form of camouflage. She also associates the word Tarn to dead lakes. This tarn (dead lakes) can be found in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher". In this literary work, tarn is described as a dark and gruesome lake. After seeing Damien, Cayce finally remembers that the pattern is called Flecktarn. She describes it as "chocolate chips sprinkled on confetti the color of last autumn's leaves".

Here is a picture of the pattern:

Cayce and Damien secretly go out for coffee to catch up on each other's lives. Both don't want Marina to know that they went out for coffee. The confidentiality of their talk could be viewed as a form of camouflage. Cayce is comfortable when she talks to Damien because she trusts him. It is just like the old times for both of them and there is a sense of familiarity now. She reveals to Damien all of the things she's been up to lately without hesitation. Likewise, Damien also discloses his thoughts on Marina and her father. Damien describes Marina's father as a Russian oligarch. He says that he has a good relationship with Marina's father. But he also adds that he doesn't want to rely on Marina's father for funding for his project. Damien does not want Marina's father's money fo his project because he doesn't want Marina's father to claim any form of ownership of his project.

In order to understand more on the Russian oligarchy, here is a clip of the documentary entitled "The Russian Godfathers". It clearly defines the roles of the Russian oligarchs in the Russian society.


At the end of the chapter, Damien tells Cayce that he is off to Saint Petersburg with Marina once again. He then asks Cayce what she will be doing after. Cayce tells Damien that she'll be going to the Pilates studio. After listening to what Cayce went through, Damien is evidently worried and asks Cayce if she wll be okay. Cayce assures Damien that she will be all right. They say their goodbyes,and then Cayce is off to Neal's Yard for her Pilates.

This picture gives an idea of how Neal's Yard looks like:

Chapter 22 - Tarn; 074034 COM12 A

Basically Neal's Yard is known Neal's Yard Salad Bar, Neal's Yard Dairy, Neal's Yard Remedies and other Neal's Yard products. But these aren't the only attractions of Neal's Yard's, but in fact even the appearance of the buildings are quite striking, because of the weird paint color used in the windows and doors, as seen in the picture above. Another thing about Neal's Yard is that it is comprise of small shops clustered together wherein they sell a wide variety of items which you never thought you would be wanting to buy.

Tarn in Literature, Concealing the Obvious
Concealing is always a style in which is evident in literature, in which the author would use literary devices to deceive or allude readers from getting the idea of the book by merely reading the work. Authors would use metaphors and such to hide the real content of the work, and by doing so, grasp the attention of readers making it even better as well as it allows the readers themselves be involved in the work by allowing them to interpret the literary elements.

Here is a link which generally teaches why and how to use Metaphors, a literary element which is found in most literary works. As well as the effects of using them effectively.

During the conversation between Cayce and Damien, the line "..she hears an amazing Glaswegian accent order a quadruple−shot latte. Damien hears it too, and grins."
here is a clip of which a lady finds a person who knows how to speak with a Glaswegian accent and see if you understand what the guy has just said

I think this generally shows that the language English, though it is an international language, is still diverse and people do not accept it as a whole. But instead people adopt it and put on their own culture and heritage within it. And as the video suggests, something so native could sound so foreign with just changing the manner of saying it, the accent.

Here we see that Cayce and Damien goes out for a drink, in the part where Gibson tells of how Damien's outfit looks, this quotation is mentioned
"…seated in the back of this Starbucks clone,…"

From the above image, we can see that these two pictures are fairly similar in design, but these two of two very different coffee shop, the first image is from the common cup, while the second is Starbucks. In the quotation above, we see that the coffee shop is being associated as merely as a clone of Starbucks. I believe this says a lot on how we perceive coffee shops and Starbucks. We associate coffee shops to Starbucks, a bigger group into a specific brand, which in reality should be opposite. Starbucks is simply a coffee shop, but in the manner we perceive it or at least in the quotation, Starbucks has become the image of coffee shop, while the real image of a coffee shop is inexistent already. We can see this in the quotation for its reference as a Starbucks clone, which can be inferred as a second-grade Starbucks, before reaching the conclusion of second-rate coffee shop.

In the midst of the conversation of Cayce and Damien, Cayce tells Damien about the "robbery", and Damien's reaction was rather unique, he was rather interested by how they did it, rather than why they did it.
"…the things they do, though not so much why they do them."

This in a sense gives us one way or another the notion of superficial, which as defined by, as being concerned with or understanding only what is apparent or obvious; shallow. I linked how Damien reacted to this idea, because in a sense that is how Damien view things, given the example of the "robbery", he was not angry but rather curious, curious about who did it, and not why did they do it. Superficial is the idea of giving further importance or focus on what we can only evidently see and not what lies underneath or the motives.

"The Superficial - Because You're Ugly"

As I surf the net for information regarding Superficiality, I came across this site. It is basically a gossip site, it does not talk about the things we evidently see, but rather talks about the inside of the superficial people, namely celebrities. I think the reason why the title of the site is such is to simply connect it with the people it is addressing, the celebrities saying that they are merely superficial, skin deep. Our admirations for the celebrities are superficial in the sense that we like them for what we see, not who they are.

As we can see from the contents of the conversation we see between Cayce and Damien, the topics in which they talk about varies from the manner in which Cayce talks with others. Not only is the content of the conversation more deep and personal, but they do not need to verbally say the topic of which they are discussing, it is evident that they are able to talk in a manner in which others would not be able to understand. We can see how the relationship and intimacy of the people in conversation affects the flow, manner, words, and content of their conversation.

"How to Start a Conversation with a Perfect Stranger"
Since I am talking about relationship, it basically talks about the uncertainty towards a person, so I decided to look for a link on how people lower uncertainty.
In simpler words, how people approach strangers or basically flirt.

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