Chapter 15

by Jelly Macaraeg, 064114, Com12-G


1. The people surrounding Cayce in 9/11 probably though the world is going to end. It was on a singularity. There was no point when past and future is. As astrophysics defines singularity: it is a point in space-time at which gravitational forces matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, space and time to become infinitely distorted. Moreover, in mathematics, it means a point in which the derivative does not exist for a given function but every neighborhood of which contains points for which the derivative exists. A blogger noted a summary of the 9/11 weirdness.

2. It was mentioned the Cayce saw the crash through CNN and through the windows of the hotel room as well.
Here is the CNN footage of the 2nd plane crash:

Here is the link of the map to see how close Soho Grand Hotel is from ground zero.
What is interesting is that there was a recent accident of a plane also at Manhattan. Luckily, it was just an accident caused by a flock of birds, and the pilot has successfully landed the plane in the Hudson River. People in that area where still terrified about what happened in Sept11. Witnesses said that the plane was too close to their homes and remembered what has happened back then. You are watching this plane coming down and you are thinking, 'are these people are going to die?' It was like watching those planes during 9/11 all over again," said Gloria Shafer who saw the plane disappear behind buildings. Read the full story here.Also, watch the “miracle landing" here.

3. Cayce thought that the first crash was just a movie. She thought that people were shooting for a film. New York has been a set for many movies. Here's the list of movies shot in New York.

Chapter Annotation by Joseph Erico P. Teoxon
073465 - COM12 - A

1. This chapter, Cayce remembers his father's disappearance during 9/11. Win Pollard isn't considered dead until he is found, or to Cayce's mother, if Win ables to contact her from the dead through noise from electric devices. There are theories about people disappearing like they're just hiding from someone, or they have secrets to hide, or even they could have been abducted by aliens.

There is this website that gives instructions on how to disappear in America. Maybe this could have been helpful to Win's.
Check out this website []

2. Pattern Recognition is the first novel to acknowledge the Sept. 11 attacks. There have been several works of art (media, paintings, etc.) that features Sept. 11. Here's a list of them -> [,_2001_attacks_in_popular_culture]

3. Sept. 11 art! Preserved atrocity in art.


More: []

4. Atrocity Attribution Theory

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