Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Jack Moves, Jane Faces

The chapter starts with the offer to Cayce regarding the search for the origins and details of the footage circulating in the net. Whether real or not, the footage remains a mystery to her, but more than a mystery, it has already become an infatuation to the point that she herself will go to great lengths to discover the origins of it. Gibson packages the footage under the cloak of perversion and sexually motivated clips. Though not much has been said about the footage, it has remained protected under the shroud of mystery. Gibson uses the Sept 11 attack as a pivotal element into the story. Constantly interweaving, forming a blanket of terrorism and paranoia. Given the technological age, the mere idea of an airplane crashing into the world trade center can only be a work of fiction. But much to everyone’s surprise, it did happen. Something which can only be conceived in the Hollywood has manifested in real life. Similar to what Cayce is doing, a Hollywood film has shown the intent of one private detective to discover the origins of a snuff film. Basically, this snuff film bears almost the same weight and importance as the footage that Cayce is infatuated into. The hunt for the footage affects Cayce’s life, similar to the dangers involved in searching for something that does not want to be found in the film 8mm by Nickolas cage.

As the story progresses, it tackles the fact that Cayce has a phobia on logos. The particular logo that really strikes her is of Bibendum, the Michelin Man. In the advent of Globalization both in Pattern Recognition and in the real world, commercialism has taken a strong grasp in the international market, transcending any and all geographic boundaries. The advancement of telecommunication has made the world a little bit smaller to such extent that a western icon can resonate itself globally, surpassing its creator and outliving its time to remain an icon in history, something which is recognized worldwide as a product of human development in the past to continue living in the present. Icons has allowed many companies and personalities to affect global consumers. Capitalism and free market can manipulate the whole world far better than any nuclear weapon. To some extent, imperialism has not yet been evicted in history, it has only taken a different form


Furthering on, Hubertus has acquired the help of Boone Chu, an American of Chinese decent. Tasked to help Cayce with her quest and offer assistance. At first, Cayce is reluctant but was unable to persuade Hubertus to withdraw Boone Chu. Globalization has merged the occident and the orient together, dispelling the myths and misconceptions of both sides. Right now, China is a rising world power both in economic and military might when it opened its doors to the west and in the same regard, the US is gaining a new economic and military partner in terms of trade and exports when the Chinese market entered into the playing field. Globalization has made geographic disparity a thing of the past as countries can now communicate with one another and present a real life melting pot of trade secrets and shared information. This chapter opens the door to the idea of east meets west.

Cayce Pollard is obsessed with finding the makers of the footage and see herself caught up between Bigend and Dorotea. She is so sick of Dorotea's nagging personality and she cannot seem to put a finger regarding Hubertus's Bigend's motives for her. She is dazed and frustrated and it seems that the only way to release her stress is through Pilates. We can see that the work of fiction has adapted and used one form of technique used by contemporary life and incorporated it into the story, and that is the art of releasing stress. Pilates was founded in Germany and today is practiced by over 11 million people, and that only goes for people in the United states. Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath, and alignment of spine, and aim to strengthen deep torso muscles. One of the core principles of Pilates is "Mind over matter". We see in this chapter that Cayce is in the middle of a very big conflict, she is deciding whether or not she wants to stay in London and work for blue ant or go back to home to the United states. She is moved by her interest in the tape and tries to apply a Pilates practice which is "Mind over matter" and just tries to extract herself from the whole dilema which is Bigend and Dorotea.


Also the chapter is deeply rooted in Cayce's fear for icons which as Gibson considers it, an "allergen". Gibson may have used this as a principle which patterns itself to consumerism. It could have been a subliminal tactic which message was to tell contemporary life that brand names may not neccesarily advocate quality which most consumers actually fall into the trap of. In addition as the story unfolds we see that Cayce is subjected to numerous "allergens" and she seems to have an adverse reaction to almost all that she comes to encounter with. All though we see that her biggest fear as mentioned earlier is that of Bibendum, which is actually the Michelin Man. One might consider these allergens as some sort of phobia that Case has incorporated in her daily life. Today, most people carry around with them their unique phobias and Cayce definitely falls into that group. Reason why Phobia happens to people in the real world? Answers may lie in the realm of the unconscious and the science of Psychology.


Lastly regarding the issue of Jack moves, we see here that is very inevitable to get caught by surprise in contemporary reality. We see that Cayce was trying to do a jack move on Dorotea by thinking of not agreeing on the logo Dorotea was planning to propose at a meeting with blue ant, but instead she was caught off guard by the Michelin Man which was the logo presented by Dorotea and was rendered helpless. As an application, since we are all followers of globalization, it follows that we may be linked to the corporate world as well and the corporate world may get tricky from time to time. Very recently the economy took a major blow, and the guilty party: The Recession and the sub prime mortgage crisis. This was a jack move made on to all of us and it very much caught us by surprise. Since we cannot escape sudden abrupt changes of realities in our life, i think one message that can be learned from this is that we try to be prepared the best way we can, by also keeping in mind that versatility is vital to one's survival whether it is during times of routine or importance. It is best that we never get caught of guard and that we always keep other alternate routes in mind when our initial plans do not work out.

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