Adorno and Horkheimer

Similar to Kazis on Benjamin, Thomas Andrae's 1979 essay "Adorno on film and mass culture: The culture industry reconsidered" is an attempt to contextualize a foundational concept in Critical Theory.

In addition, while Adorno may have had harsh things to say about mass culture, resulting in a rather controversial elitist point of view, this doesn't mean that his writings are of no great importance. This sample of further writings contains his original essay with Horkheimer, one on popular music, and a later revisit of his ideas regarding the culture industry.

Finally, from that same site, there's an attempt to apply Adorno's ideas to Mazinger Z in Marco Maurizi's "Ecce robot." It sports a killer subtitle with (Mazinger Z creator) "Go Nagai meets Adorno, or how to philosophize with an atomic punch."

Er, do any of you still know Mazinger Z?

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